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Frequently asked questions


Why is camp limited to 30 campers?

There are a number of reasons why we only allow 30 campers. The main reason is because we have found that any more than 30 take away from the effectiveness of our program. We match each camper with a buddy and we have 2 leaders in each group. We have 6 campers, 6 buddies and 2 adult leaders in each of the five color groups. It is our goal to keep camp small enough to be able to interact personally with each camper and with a larger group that is very difficult to do. Also, we do not charge for anyone who attends camp (including buddies and volunteers). Enlarging the camp would be cost prohibitive at this time.


Why is camp limited to those who are bereaved by a death? My child is grieving because his parents are divorced. Why can’t he attend?

This is a valid question. Yes, children of divorce also grieve. We did allow a child of divorce to attend once and it was not a good fit. There are different issues in a child of divorce as opposed to one who is grieving a death. 


My child is afraid of heights. Will you force him to do all of the activities?

We do not force any child to do anything. We will encourage participation but would never make a child do anything that they are uncomfortable doing.


Can my child come back to camp again as a camper?

No. Due to the limited number of campers each season, we cannot allow campers to come more than once. They can however, return as a Teen Buddy when they reach the age of 16.